Running a Databus instance is really easy!

Default configuration

from databus.dispatcher.primal_factory import PrimalDispatcherFactory

This will start Databus with the default configuration, which uses json_db. Visit to see what it's been doing.

The default demo account is demo:demo:demo. The default admin account is root:root:root. On a live system, you are advised to change this in your database.

Custom configuration

To start Databus with a custom configuration, you can provide a dispatcher ticket. Here is an example.

from databus.database.sql_db.sql_database_arguments import SqlDatabaseArguments
from databus.dispatcher.abstract_dispatcher import DispatcherTicket
from databus.dispatcher.primal_factory import PrimalDispatcherFactory

sql_args = {
    SqlDatabaseArguments.KEY_DATABASE: "Master",
    SqlDatabaseArguments.KEY_PASSWORD: "reallyStrongPwd123",
    SqlDatabaseArguments.KEY_SCHEMA: "databus",
    SqlDatabaseArguments.KEY_SERVER: ",1433",
    SqlDatabaseArguments.KEY_USERNAME: "SA"

ticket = DispatcherTicket(


Check the dispatcher ticket section for a complete list of parameters.